Zoom your way to becoming a Delaware Real Estate Agent!

You may become an agent in DE if you take a 99-hour real estate course from an accredited school.
Thankfully, Tri-State Real Estate Learning Center (TSRELC) is accredited by the DE Department of
Education and the DE Real Estate Commission! When you complete TSRELC’s 99-hour real estate course,
you will receive a graduation certificate and be prepared to take your licensing exam (both state and
national). We have outlined the benefits of receiving your real estate license, details about the course,
and critical info about the exams, below.


Real estate license benefits

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, someone looking for a new career, or you’re simply interested in
property investing, getting your real estate license can help you start a new, fresh chapter in your life!
Our graduates become both full and part-time residential and commercial real estate agents, property
managers, and individual investors. A world of opportunities opens up when you get your real estate
license – it may be the first step in improving you and your family’s story.


Real estate licensing course

The first step in getting your license is to complete the 99-hour real estate licensing course, and the
good news is that it’s fun! Our instructors are not only qualified in their individual fields, but they’re also
interesting and entertaining teachers. Through allegory, question-and-answer, and dynamic problem-
solving, TSRELC’s staff make sure that students get the most out of the lessons that they possibly can.

TSRELC is also on the cutting edge, utilizing a virtual class format powered by Zoom. Students learn a
curriculum from the comfort of their own home that covers fundamental sales principles, DE real estate
law, and basic math. To round out your training, you’ll also learn the best test-taking techniques so you will
be prepared to pass your exams and start your real estate career.


Pass the Delaware Real Estate Salesperson Exam

You’ve completed your course, congratulations! Once you have all of your training completed, the next
step is to pass the Delaware Real Estate Salesperson Exam to earn your license officially. The test is
multiple-choice, and approximately ⅓ of the test covers information that pertains to DE, while the
remaining ⅔ references national info. Due to TSRELC’s instructors’ experience in real estate, we prepare
you for the test by giving you multiple choice practice questions.

After you’ve passed the exam, you’ll begin the process of finding a brokerage to join! You may start
doing research on different brokerages you might be interested in before you’ve even completed the
course, but TSRELC is a great resource in helping you find your new real estate agency home. We help
new agents with brokerage placement if they want our guidance.

As you can see, there aren’t too many steps involved in becoming a real estate pro in Delaware, which is
why you should register with TSRELC online today! You’ll receive your confirmation email, and your
books will be delivered to your doorstep. We can’t wait to meet you!

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